Super Speciality (2014-2015)

s.no. Name of the candidate Course  Ser/Non service
1 Dr.D.Siva Kumar, DM., Cardiology Non Service
2 Dr.Srikanth Bodepudi DM., Cardiology Non Service
3 Dr.Sudheer Chowdary S DM., Neurology Non Service
4 Dr.Jagadeesh Pondala DM., Neurology Non Service
5 Dr.Shaik Meera Sharief DM., Neurology service
6 Dr.Bharani Bellam DM., Endocrinology Non Service
7 Dr.Mounika Anitha Ch. DM.,Endocrinology Non Service
8 Dr.Ramya Varadha DM., Endocrinology Non Service
9 Dr.Naga Karthik G M.Ch., Paediatric Surgery Non Service
10 Dr.Naveen Kumar M M.Ch., Plastic Surgery service
11 Dr.G.Naveen Bharat M.Ch., Plastic Surgery Non Service
12 Dr.Sravan Kumar Korrapati DM., Gastroenterology Non Service
13 Dr.Kiran Repana DM., Gastroenterology Non Service
14 Dr.Manasa Manne DM., Gastroenterology Non Service
15 Dr.Mohammed Aslam DM., Nephrology Non Service
16 Dr.Vidyasagar Gorla DM.,Nephrology Non Service
17 Dr.YVS Anita DM.,Nephrology Non Service
18 Dr.Thota Phaneeswar M.Ch., Neuro Surgery Non Service
19 Dr.Boddapati Rajasekhar M.Ch., Neuro Surgery Non Service
20 Dr.Sandeep B M.Ch., Neuro Surgery Non Service
21 Dr.Banavath Anja Naik M.Ch., Urology Non Service
22 Dr.Manoj kumar Yatagiri M.Ch., Urology Non Service
23 Dr.P.Anurag Jose M.Ch., Urology Non Service